Alphacomms Ltd.
IT Solutions for Business

About Alphacomms

Alphacomms are a team of carefully selected experts who can solve the IT related problems that confront businesses in the current technological climate.

The core personnel have over seventy combined years of experience in a variety of IT related companies. Our core personnel have all been known to us for a minimum of fifteen years. These are people we can trust. They have all worked in areas requiring data security, both defence related projects, and for ISO-27001 accredited companies.

Our core skills range from the high level functions of interfacing to customers and determining the best strategies to solve their issues. To the more mundane areas of designing, preparing and maintaining all level of company systems.

Solutions we have provided in the past have ranged from payment card authorisation systems. Defence communications. Datacommunications.

Technologies we have expertise in. Well this could be a long list, but the area we specialise in is the use of Linux. From using the embedded variants in small products, right up to administering large networks of clustered secure high-availability systems. We also have extensive knowledge of legacy technology such as X25 and ISDN, together with more modern ones like ADSL. If you use these technologies, then we can assist you to use them better.